M.A.P. for Colorguard

The educators from the award-winning Pride of La Salle are dedicated to furthering music education beyond this program's immediate reach. In an effort to provide enrichment opportunities for students grades 5-8, La Salle is offering the M.A.P. to Success which includes Winds, Percussion, & Colorguard. 

If you are interested in joining or just need more information, please fill out this interest form.


The M.A.P. for Colorguard program is shaped around developing a comprehensive framework for students to learn the fundamentals of choreography, dance, and flag technique. 


Students will lay the groundwork for becoming master performers, and will be able to showcase those talents at our two concerts in March & May. 

In addition to receiving individualized instruction from a highly-qualified staff, members of MAP will be performing a complete routine, allowing students to develop highly active physical skills and delve into a world shaped by teamwork and discipline building.

If you have questions or want more information, email Pride of La Salle Director, Angelo Sylvester at asylvester@lasallehs.net