Marching Band

10.14.17 Simon Kenton (166 of 208)
11.9.17 BOA (238 of 415)
11.9.17 BOA (278 of 415)
BOA 11-13-15 (390 of 403)
11.4.17 MSBA (68 of 215)
10.21.16 FB Game-60
11.9.17 BOA (2 of 415)
7.31.17 Band Camp D1 (13 of 156)
8.1.17 Band Camp D2 (34 of 136)
9.29.17 Pie in Face (58 of 59)
7.19.17 BC WK 2 (80 of 112)

The Pride of La Salle (PoLS) Marching Band has become a local leader in music and pageantry. Since 2010, the POLS has placed in the top three bands in Mid-States Band Association (MSBA) finals competition nearly every year, including a class AA championship in 2012 and a class AAA championship in 2015. The band also sees success on a national level, being awarded Bands of America (BOA) 2011 Mason Regional class champions, and BOA 2011-2012 Grand Nationals Semi-Finalists.True success, however, is measured by more than just competitive results. Students who participate in the Pride of La Salle develop an outstanding work ethic, leadership skills, and of course, about 80 brand new friends! Students will also continue to develop their musical talents and abilities, as well as prowess in visual skills such as marching and dance.

Students who perform with The Pride of La Salle are also granted extraordinary travel opportunities. Recent trips include: Independence Day Parade (Washington, D.C.), Disney World (Orlando, FL), Bands of America Regionals (Dayton, OH, Louisville, KY, and more), Bands of America Grand National Championships (Indianapolis, IN), and traveling with La Salle High School’s championship-caliber football team on the road to Columbus!

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